Boosting your corporate identity online couldn't be easier with the help of Creativo 3G Website's specialised functions, developed entirely to promote you and your business.

Your corporate identity is a collection of images and ideas which represent a company or business. It refers to the concrete symbols of an entity such as the name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme.

Here at Creativo, we offer a suite of products developed to improve your company's branding by heightening the viewer's experience when visiting a website:

  • Simple Flash Header
  • Flash Introduction
  • Testimonial Software
  • Case Studies Manager

  • Simple Flash Header

    A simple flash header is a professional animation that is displayed at the top of each page of the website. Providing interest and excitement on each page, a simple flash header can take a standard website to the next level of professionalism.

    Please note: limitations apply.

    Creativo's standard pricing for a simple flash header includes five pictures and some simple transitions.

    Flash Introduction

    A flash introduction is a quick 10 - 40 second animation that can include sound. They are used when the client wants to create an impact each time someone enters the site.

    Testimonial Software

    Our testimonial manager is a website plug-in that allows the owner of the website to easily add new testimonials. These testimonials are then randomly displayed on each page of the site in the overall design. A page will also be added to the site that will list each formatted testimonial.

    Case Studies Manager

    Our case studies tool allows the website owner to easily organise case studies of a particular nature. Case studies are listed on the page with an image, short description, and a link so that users can click to "read more".

    Additionally, the client can add a list of other links from that particular case study to any other page within the website. For example, the list of links could be the list of services that the link relates to.