Cutting-edge web services demand the very best in technical infrastructure, and that's why all Creativo's 3G websites are hosted at a state-of-the-art data centre in Sydney.

Utilising the neutral facilities of Australia's largest carrier Global Switch, Creativo's customers are guaranteed the best environment for web hosting, security, and backup systems.

Our quality hardware and software ensures that no single point of failure can crash our system.

Our websites are continuously monitored and backed by a tertiary system of stand alone servers which ensure that we have 100% control of the system at all times.

System Database Security

All databases of Creativo customers are securely encoded using the MD5 cryptographic algorithm which secures passwords so that not even Creativo staff know what your password is.

Plus, our online website administration area employs an SSL connection, which is also used by online banks and shopping sites.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption protocol, which encodes data sent over the World Wide Web, rendering it unreadable to anyone intercepting the transmission.


Our data centre facility features a dedicated 155 MBit STM1 ATM link, and multiple OC3 Internet connections with 6MB available PVC for failover.

All Creativo services are run on IBM NetFinity 4500R rack mounted web servers. These are specified to be mission critical machines.