Driven by a sophisticated database program and back-end system, the content of Creativo's 3G websites can be easily maintained by either you or by us.

Our Content Management System is so simple that even a novice computer user will be able to update their website quickly and easily.

Plus, if they do get stuck, in our training manual you'll find an easy to follow "help yourself" guide, and access to our online help facility.

Accessed by logging on to our control panel, the Creativo Content Management System allows you to:
  • Modify current pages within a system that is as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word.
  • Add new pages (up to a pre-determined page limit).
  • Add and edit images using the online image editor.
  • Password protect individual pages for added security.
  • Easily change the navigation menu - in particular, the order, visibility and location of items within the menu.
  • Maintain the meta tags to automate search engine optimisation.
  • Easily access and modify all contact details - all changes are filtered throughout the website, including footer information and "contact us" forms, which make changing details even simpler.
  • Access invoices and billing status - our automated billing system allows clients and resellers to view their invoices, and their status (paid, unpaid, overdue etc).